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Volunteers needed for lots of events in June, July and August. Register today!

Ladies –  Heat Wave registration is open!

Join in on the fun at the Kids Run for Fun this summer.

Thursday night runs at Lake Bloomington are back! Meet at Green Gables at 5:30 pm for a run followed by food, drinks and great company.

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Lake Runner Blog

Profile on Amber Geiser

Amber with her daughter, Sophia, at the Miller Park Stampede 2015.
Profile on Amber Geiser How many years have you been running? I started while I was still in college, however the intense addiction has really developed over the past 7 years....  read more

Multi-Sport Day and ABC Run #109, 5-16-15

OMG! What luck! No rain; 85 participants; an astounding $3,000 donated to Easter Seals Timber Pointe Outdoor Center. This makes ABC#109/Multi-Sport Day at Timber Pointe on May 16 a huge success,...  read more

Profile on Kirby Cheek

Kirby taking off for a race sporting his Race the Dead shirt.
Profile on Kirby Cheek How many years have you been running? That’s a bit of a tough question. Initially I ran very casually and somewhat irregularly with my wife Melinda on...  read more