ABC Run #97/Multi-Sport Training Day, May 17

Adventures Benefiting Children Run #97/Multi-Sport Training Day was held at the Timber Pointe Outdoor Center on May 17.  A total of 85 generous participants raised an awesome total of $1,451 for the Easter Seals Timber Pointe Outdoor Center.  Thanks so much to everyone who supported this event through your participation, donations, help with organizing, and providing food and drink.  Thanks for organizing goes to Kevin McCarthy, John Pratt, and others from the LRC, Tri-Sharks, and Masters Swim Team.


The theme song for this event could have been the theme song from the movie, Frozen.  The temps at the start had barely crawled into the forties before we started.  The run started a bit later than usual because we gave participants more time to find the location (we met in a different building this year).  After a few words from John Pratt about how important Timber Pointe is to the kids that attend camps and to their parents, Meg Anderson got us organized at about 8:20 for our traditional group photo and we were on our way.  I took the camera and did some interval training trying to get running photos and then I handed the camera off to Meg to get more action shots.  You can find all the photos on the Facebook Multi-Sport page.


The swim took place from 9:00 to 10:00 and the temps (in the forties) that were so great for running were not so great for the swimmers.  Even those wearing wetsuits were frozen (and not singing “the cold never bothered me anyway”).  The bicycle ride started at 10:30 with Mick Hannah leading a group on a ride of about 26 miles, and Kevin McCarthy led a group on a ride of about 13 miles.  Despite the temps which had only climbed to about 50, Richard Verdery wore a sleeveless bicycle jersey.  He might have been singing “the cold never bothered me anyway”, but he was shivering before the start, muttering something about just toughing it out.

The day concluded with a fantastic cookout, complete with a keg.  I don’t know what kind of beer that was but it sure tasted good after running and/or swimming and/or bicycling.  The cookout included brats, burgers, and chicken breasts.  Thanks, everyone, for such a fun time!

ABC Run #98 to benefit the Boys & Girls Club will be on Sunday, June 29 at 7:30 AM (doors open at 7:00) at the Anderson home (112 Doud Dr, Normal).

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