Multi-Sport Day and ABC Run #109, 5-16-15

OMG! What luck! No rain; 85 participants; an astounding $3,000 donated to Easter Seals Timber Pointe Outdoor Center. This makes ABC#109/Multi-Sport Day at Timber Pointe on May 16 a huge success, more than doubling the impressive $1,451 donated last year! Thanks a kajillion to everyone who supported this event through your participation, donations, organizing, and providing food and drink. Thanks for organizing goes to Kevin McCarthy, John Pratt, Colleen Klein and others from the LRC, Tri-Sharks, and Masters Swim Team.


Kevin McCarthy started the event with some opening comments and introduced Gina Mandros from Easter Seals who thanked us and told a bit about how Timber Pointe helps kids and their families. Laurel Schumacher then told us about a bridal shower that was hosted on May 15 at the Schumacher home by colleagues and friends of three Metcalf teachers (Rachel Matyasse, Peggy Finnegan, and Cindy Thompson Drew) that are getting married this summer. The brides-to-be requested that there be no gifts but guests could feel free to donate to Timber Pointe!  Their collective donations totaled $500. What a great story!

Another heartwarming story came from an individual that donated $500. Our policy for ABC runs is that all individual donations are anonymous so I will not include the name. I did contact the person to express my sincere thanks. In reply, this person mentioned the efforts of everyone “to put together a fun training event which ultimately helps others enjoy life a little more – well, it deserves support”. This person also said the event “was so good for me mentally & spiritually” and ended with “I thank YOU”.

IMG_7915 IMG_7912

The swim took place from 9:00 to 10:30 and, luckily, the water was warmer than last year but still cool (65 degrees). The bicycle ride started at about 10:40 with Ted O’Neill leading a group on a ride of about 25 miles, and Kevin McCarthy leading a group on a ride of about 12 miles. Despite the forecast, the rain held off until we got our rides in.

IMG_7920 IMG_7873

The day concluded with a fantastic cookout. The cookout included brats and chicken breasts.  The cost of food, beverages, life guards and materials was underwritten by the LRC, CIMS & Tri-Sharks. Thanks, everyone, for such a fun time and for all your contributions!

ABC Run #110 to benefit St. Jude will be Sunday, July 19, 7:30 AM (doors open at 7:00) at the home of Julie & Brian Sibley.

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