ABC#123, for Boys & Girls Club

ABC #123 on November 12 generated an amazing $876 in donations for the Boys & Girls Club. Thanks so much to all 48 participants for your support and for all the great food and fun. The $876 donated this year is easily the most of any of the nine ABC runs for the Boys & Girls Club. The grand total for all nine runs is now $5,223.


It was a great new venue, thanks to Stacie and Pat Sheridan for doing such a wonderful job of hosting!  The choice of running courses added a sense of adventure. To make sure runners knew where to go, Pat printed maps, marked the course with red and yellow ribbons, and personally led one of the three running choices. The choices were: 5-miles on pavement, 2.5 miles on pavement, and 5 miles on grass.

img_1950 img_1995

ABC#123 also included door prizes, an auction, and a water bottle flipping contest.
The door prizes were awarded to Annette Lobdell (a pin-on compass) and Dave Ploense (an ABC shirt).
The auction was a cool ceramic art piece donated by Erin Furimsky. Lisa Sparks was the high bidder. Thanks, Erin and Lisa for giving the total donations a nice boost.
The top two in the water bottle flipping contest were Carrie Mack and Kevin Fahling.

img_2005 img_2004

ABC Run #124 to benefit the Adopt-A-Family program will be held on Saturday, December 3 at the home of Lisa and Jay Sparks.  We hope to see you then.

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