ABC#124, for Adopt-A-Family

Epic day! Thanks so much to all 71 participants that came to the Adopt-A-Family Center on December 3 to support the Adopt-A-Family program with donations totaling $1,310. This will provide a great Christmas for our assigned family and provide funding toward one or two other families still on the waiting list.

At 8:30, Lisa Sparks thanked everyone and told us a little something about the family we are helping. Then Stacy Killian, a 29 year volunteer at Adopt-A-Family thanked us and told us more about the program and how it operates. It was a great experience to see the gifts and learn how they manage to provide for so many families in need. For more information on the Adopt-A-Family program, go to:


After a group picture, we all headed out for the 5-mile adventure, which Pat Sheridan informed me later that we actually ran down a moraine. It turns out the Adopt-A-Family Center is right at a high elevation point between two watersheds (Sugar Creek and Kickapoo Creek). We headed North, down the moraine toward Sugar Creek, took a loop around the Tipton Park trails, and came back up the moraine. Now, doesn’t that sound like an adventure?

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Back at the Adopt-A-Family Center, we were treated to a great breakfast highlighted by blueberry pancakes prepared by Jay Sparks and special blueberry assistant, Larry Schumacher. Rounding out the fare was coffee cake from Meg Anderson, breakfast casserole from Stacy Sheridan, muffins from Robyn Walter, yogurt/granola/fruit from Lisa Sparks, chocolate chip cookies from Kevin Fahling, rice pudding from Cathie Haab, and so much more (coffee, chocolate milk, bananas)! I didn’t get the names of all the food providers but it all so good!

During the breakfast, we were honored to welcome a group of about a dozen BRRC runners. What are BRRC runners? Let’s just say they are a secret running society that held their own 5K race and then joined us to support the Adopt-A-Family program. That was great!

We have completed twelve years of ABC runs and had another really great year.  Total contributions for the ten ABC runs in 2016 totaled $15,376.  The total for all 124 ABC runs is $110,001.   We have supported 28 different charities.  Here are the top 10 charities:
$16,367 – St. Jude (14 runs)
$14,553 – The Baby Fold (13 runs)
$10,347 – Timber Pointe Easter Seal Camp (7 runs)
$9,045 – The Seedling Theatre (7 runs)
$7,634 – Sugar Grove Nature Center (11 runs)
$7,093 – McLean County Child Protection Network (9 runs)
$6,239 – Heartland Head Start (9 runs)
$6,020 – Adopt-A-Family (7 runs)
$5,527 – Scott Early Learning Center (8 runs)
$5,223 – Boys & Girls Club (9 runs)

Thanks so much for all your support!

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