Adventures Benefiting Children #88, for Seedling Theatre

by Merlin Anderson

ABC Run #88, benefiting the Seedling Theatre program, was hosted by Laurel and Larry SchumacherDonna Anhalt, director of the Seedling Theatre, explained the program and gave her heartfelt thanks for our efforts to help the Seedling Theatre financially.  Our efforts were substantial in that we raised a hefty total of $744, thanks to generous contributions from the 49 ABC run participants and a couple others that were not able to attend but sent a contribution.  Thanks so much to everyone for helping support this wonderful theatrical program which provides rich growth experiences for children and young adults with disabilities, as well as their able bodied peers.

ABC 88 (1)

After assembling for the group photo, we took off running or walking the four-mile route which runs from the Schumacher house on the Tipton Trail to the Russian Gardens and back.  Many of the runners ran past the two-mile turnaround point and turned this into a longer adventure.  Raymond Sevier and Sarah Kelch did over 18 miles.  Ed Matesevac ran with me to the 2-mile turnaround point, took a drink, and kept going.  I never did see him again.  If he didn’t stop, he is probably in the middle of Iowa now as I am typing this report.

ABC 88 (2)                         ABC 88 (3)

Waiting at the Schumacher’s was a feast for us to enjoy while sitting on their patio overlooking Tipton pond.  The fare included biscuits & sausage gravy from Laurel Schumacher, coffee cake and scones from Meg Anderson, french toast casserole from Robyn Walter, watermelon from Sharrie Pelarske, peaches from Pat and Stacy Sheridan, chocolate chip cookies from Kevin Fahling, and more!  Larry and Laurel even provided a Bloody Mary bar!

Thanks again to everyone for your generous support of this event and all of the ABC runs.  The grand total for all 88 ABC runs has reached $59,735 and the total of the four ABC runs done for the Seedling Theatre is $2,656!

The next ABC Run, to benefit St. Jude, will be Sunday, Sept. 8, at the home of Julie and Brian Sibley.  The doors will open at 8:00 a.m. and the run will start at 8:30.

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