Adventures Benefiting Children Run #90, for Heartland Head Start

by Merlin Anderson

A great morning for running greeted the 46 participants that showed up on October 6 at the Sugar Grove Nature Center to support the Heartland Head Start program with total contributions of $619.

ABC90bMany thanks to Angela Funk for allowing us to use the facility.  Thanks also to our co-hosts, Sharon Cochran, a member of the Friends of Heartland Head Start, and Karen Bruning, the director of Heartland Head Start.  Angela and Sharon and Karen did a great job of hosting us and we really enjoyed the food & drink.  The menu included Panera bagels and Starbucks iced coffee (from Karen Bruning), bananas and bread (from Sharon Cochran), coffee cake (from Meg Anderson), banana cake (from Stacie Sheridan),  chocolate chip cookies (from Kevin Fahling), assorted treats (Angela Funk), and much more (my apologies to all those that I missed).

This is the sixth time we have done a run for Heartland Head Start.  The funds raised by all six ABC Runs add up to a tidy sum of $3,429.   Thanks so much to every participant for your fellowship, sharing food, and generous financial support.  Karen Bruning sent me a nice email including some thanks to pass along.  Karen wrote “On behalf of Heartland Head Start, I would like to sincerely thank all of you for coming out to support our organization!  It was great to meet you all and please know your dollars will assist our program greatly!”

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