Author: Heather Wagner

ABC Run #86, for EPGJH XC runners

by Merlin Anderson

ABC Run #86 was held at South Pointe Park in El Paso on June 23 to benefit the El Paso-Gridley Junior High Cross Country program and the El Paso Food Bank.  Once again, we tried an evening run and started the run at 6:00 p.m.  We had a nice turnout of 31 participants and $420 in contributions!  Half of the contributions were donated to the El Paso Food Bank.  Volunteer head coach, Mike Heffron, hosted this event with the help of his wife, Robin, his son, Shelby, and a few of Shelby’s teammates.

Mike Heffron reports:  “A big thanks to the runners who made the trip up to El Paso for ABC Run #86.  We had a nice crowd on hand, great food, and it was reassuring to be indoors on a cloudy evening even though the big rains never came – just a few sprinkles during the run to cool us off.  Thanks to the following “sponsors” of our event which offered some great prizes for our poker run – Often Running, U Otter 5K Run, Masters Swim Club and the Lexington 5K.  And once again thank you for supporting our young runners as well as the El Paso Food Pantry with your generous donations.”

ABC 86 (1)
This was the last of seven annual ABC Runs to benefit the EPG JH XC program.  The program started without school funding so the $3,919 donated for the first six ABC runs were crucial to cover major expenses such as annual IESA fees, meet entry fees, uniforms, travel, and more.  The program now receives school funding so the money raised this year will go toward team T-shirts, supplies for practices, stopwatches, awards banquet, etc.  Because their need for funding is reduced, Mike and the kids showed their appreciation at this ABC run by donating $210 to the El Paso Food Bank.

Shown below is the 2012 team group photo:

ABC 86 (2)
Thanks a million to everyone who supported the EPG JH XC program this year and over the last several years.  Your support has taken a seed of an idea and helped it grow from three participants the first year to 31 participants most recently.  In terms of performance, all participants experienced the joy that comes with seeing the positive results that come from hard work.  Competitively, one prime example is Julie James, who became a five time all-state cross country runner and this last spring won the 1600 meter run at the state track meet.

A couple of photos of kids in action on the home course:

ABC 86 (3)         ABC 86 (4)

The next ABC runs will be:
ABC #77, for St. Jude will be Sunday a.m., July 21 at Tipton Park
ABC #78, for The Seedling Theater will be Sunday a.m., August 11 at the Schumacher’s home.

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ABC Run #85/Multi-Sport Day

by Merlin Anderson

What happens when Meg and I can’t attend an ABC run?  You all just keep it up and hold another incredibly successful event.  ABC Run #85/Multi-Sport Day was held at the Timber Pointe Outdoor Center on May 18.  A total of 71 generous participants donated an awesome total of $1,319 for the Easter Seals Timber Pointe Outdoor Center.  Thanks so much to everyone that supported this event.  Special thanks to Lisa Sparks for organizing the runner sign-in (and making the coffee cake), to Dan Anderson for taking care of the on-course beverages, to everyone that prepared/brought food, and to Kevin McCarthy and others from the LRC, Tri-Sharks, and CI Masters Swim Team.

ABC #85

Although Meg and I couldn’t be there, I heard that our streak of attending ABC runs was sort of kept alive by face-ka-bobs (faces on sticks).  As I viewed the group photo, I noticed many faces of Merlin: smiling face, “must catch next runner” face, “wish this race was over” face, and more.  There were also several faces of Meg (all beautiful, of course).  Dan Anderson was the creative genius that produced the faces.  In fact, it was reported that I even ran around the lake with Dan Anderson and Larry Heitz but I faded at the end and finished “an arm’s length” behind Dan.

ABC #86 to benefit the El Paso/Gridley Junior High XC team and the El Paso Food Bank will be on Sunday, June 23 at 6:00 PM (doors open at 5:30 pm).  Meet at the South Pointe Park Community Center in El Paso.

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Profile on Andy Williams and Gary Savage

Feature article on Andy Williams and Gary Savage
Interviewed by Karen Dudek

Karen: How many years have you been running?
Andy: I started running races in 2008. I was technically in cross country in high school. I would cheat and hide behind the church in town when everyone else was running. I had to write letters to the coach about being “dedicated to the sport”. Needless to say, I wasn’t very good.
Gary: I started up competitive running again about a year and a half ago. I ran track and cross country in high school, and then started up training in college, but I blew out my knee playing basketball and that ended that.

Karen: Why did you start running?
Gary: Running has always been a passion, but injuries and other sports got in the way. The turning point was when my dad passed away unexpectedly. You always hear the cliché, “Life is too short”; but when life smacks you in the face you realize that statement is true. I didn’t want to go through life with regrets, so I decided to give running another go.
Andy: I really only started running as a means of exercise. When Gary’s dad passed away, I remember trying to get Gary to go out for a run with me. I thought that might take his mind off of things for awhile. He surprised me by coming along a couple of times. A few years later, he’s passing me in 5ks!

Karen: Who inspired you?
Gary: I would say my frenemy Andy Williams, who is my training partner and the second half of the running duo we are known as: Shake N’ Bake. About 4 years ago Andy went from playing Guitar Hero all the time to taking up running. He recently qualified for the Boston Marathon. The complete transformation inspires me to train that much harder.
Andy: Lots of people; anybody doing something to make themselves better. I am jealous of Gary. He hadn’t really raced since high school until last year. In between, he has had surgeries on both of his knees. At first I was glad he was going out and running, but now we’re “frenemies” on race day. Are we using that term too much? And yes, we do go by “Shake N’ Bake”. I’m Ricky Bobby, and he’s obviously the Magic Man. I’m trying to think who would be Sasha Baron Cohen’s character.

Karen: Why did you join the Lake Run Club?
Gary: To be a part of a community that also has a passion for running. I have met a lot of nice people within the club and I look forward to meeting other members.
Andy: Similar to Gary. I joined to become a little more involved in the running community. I was looking for people to run with and I’d catch up and run with groups from LRC at Often Running, Constitution Trail, and out at Lake Bloomington.

Karen: Tell me about your first race:
Andy: I think Gary and I have done the Turkey Trot at least 15 straight years, but those weren’t really “races” for us most of the time. I guess my first “official” race was the 2008 Park to Park. I weighed about 30-40 pounds more than I do now. I ran it in about 45 minutes. It was a near-death experience.
Gary: My first race since getting back into running shape was a 3-mile run at Dawson Lake. I had been training at a boxing gym so I was in decent cardio shape, but running is a different animal and my legs were sore for several days after that. The Turkey Trot has always been a fun tradition for us, but for the most part neither of us were in running shape for those races.

Karen: What makes your favorite race your favorite?
Andy: I’ve had a lot of fun at Danvers Days. Last year’s was a little short, but I like the mini “Heartbreak Hill” and the concept of pancakes afterwards!
Gary: I don’t have a favorite race per se. I like the bigger events where there are not only competitive runners, but there are usually newer runners competing in their first race. It is fun to see the joy and passion for running out there.

Karen: What race really sticks out in your mind for one reason or another?
Gary: The race that sticks in my mind is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Bloomington last year. It was my best run from start to finish, and it was my first overall 5k victory. The best part was following Dan Anderson riding the pace bike as he frantically tried to move the walkers and clear a path for the runners during the final mile.
Andy: For me, it was the 2010 Indianapolis Marathon. I was sick for my first marathon that spring in Champaign (it went horribly; I lost 12 pounds during the race). At Indy, I qualified for the old Boston cut-off (3:10), but not for the new standard (3:05). Even though my time wasn’t good enough to make the cut, there was still a great feeling of accomplishment when I finished. I was screaming the whole drive home (I’m sure my wife couldn’t wait to get home).

Karen: Do you have a favorite route that you run?
Andy: It doesn’t really matter to me as long as I’m running. I love running with other people. Even if they don’t like me (Gary Savage, Rick Vincent, Frank Arnolts, Clint Wells-I’m looking in your direction).
Gary: Tipton Trails, which is where my running group/race team trains for our long runs. We have a great group of guys (except Andy), and there is always good banter during runs to help pass the time. We then usually hit up Flat Top Grill for a monster breakfast afterwards.

Karen: If you could run any race in the world, which would you pick and why?
Andy: I like cold and quiet. We went on a trip to Denver a few years ago and I loved it. I was able to take in the scenery and enjoy all of the changes in the landscape.
Gary: I never really thought about that. I recently achieved my goal of adding another country on my Garmin Forerunner, so that was cool.

Karen: Do you have a “You’ll never believe what happened on my run today” story?
Gary: Well, any run with the Bad Boy Andy Williams can result in a “You’ll never believe what happened on my run today.” Those stories are probably best left unsaid.
Andy: Agreed. I’m pretty sure they are unprintable.

Karen: If Chilly Chili isn’t the most unusual race you’ve run, what race is?
Andy: I can’t think of any other races with SPAM and/or chili stops on the course.
Gary: Chili during a run? No thank you! I have enough stomach issues as is. The Da Deer Run Run is the most unusual for me. There is a mixture of grass, pavement and trails to run, and of course those hurdles. The last few hurdles are tough to climb over with the quads burning and all.

Karen: What are you training for right now?
Gary: I am training for the Bix 7 in July, sprinkled with some 5ks in between.
Andy: I’m trying to recuperate from the Illinois Marathon a couple of weeks ago. I’m looking to run some 5ks-15ks for the next couple of months. I’ll be doing the Bix with Gary and the rest of our posse-that should be a blast! After that, I’ll be running my fifth marathon at the Monumental again in November.

Karen: Do you have any superstitions or rituals you go through before a big race?
Gary: On the drive to the race I have to jam to either Jay-Z or some Justin Timberlake (my friends make fun of me for that one). After a warm-up run I drink a Gatorade Prime Energy pouch, hit the Port-a-potty one last time, say a little prayer for a safe race, then I am ready to go.
Andy: It’s hard for me to get pumped riding in the car to a race with Gary. I want to listen to AC/DC or Slayer, and he wants to chill out to JT… Jay-Z is a worthwhile compromise. Otherwise, my only other main ritual involves finding me in line two or three times at the freshest portajohn.

Karen: What’s the coolest piece of running gear you own?
Andy: My red Saucony singlet, which is ironic because I’m normally shirtless for the races (much to other people’s dismay).
Gary: Most people probably recognize me for my signature knee brace. However, my favorite item is my pair of red Saucony Type A5 racing flats.

Karen: Who have you been running with lately?
Gary: Members of my run group are: Rick Vincent, Frank Arnolts III, Clint Wells, and the shirtless wonder Andy Williams. Hopefully we will get the other team members out there for the group runs pretty soon.
Andy: Ditto-Rick, Clint, and Frank are the crew. The rest of us normally have to wait for Gary to arrive because was busying coordinately his running attire at home. You can normally find us running around together being obnoxious on the trail somewhere. We have fun, talk about running ad nauseum, and where we’re going to go for breakfast afterwards. Running with these guys (and a few others) has helped push us all to keep at it and we have pretty much all seen better race times this year.

Karen: Who motivates you as a runner?
Andy: Well, Gary motivates me to try and beat him. Clint motivates me to stay at it. My wife and family have been extremely supportive and patient considering all of the stupid things that I do. Every time I go out for a race, I know I could have done better. That’s what keeps me going back out!
Gary: I would say the guys in my training group all help motivate me. We push each other to reach our goals. Mostly it is Andy though, only in that I want to beat him in races. He beat me several times early last year so I have some catching up to do!

Karen: What makes you stay with it and keep running?
Gary: The desire to continue to improve still burns inside me, and I want to continually challenge myself with different distances and courses. I won’t lie though; it is pretty cool to win medals, too.
Andy: I enjoy running (now!). It’s good for you. I get slightly annoyed when I hear people my age and younger start off a conversation with, “I’d really like to start running, but…” When I started running, I couldn’t even run a mile, was pushing 200 pounds, and my cholesterol was in the “Danger Zone”. I want to still be doing this when I’m an old fogey. My guess is Gary and I will still be racing each other.
Gary: Ha, we may need walkers, but we will still be racing.

Andy (left) and Gary (right) showing off their awards at the CCHS 5k.

Andy (left) and Gary (right) showing off their awards at the CCHS 5k.

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ABC Run #84, for The Baby Fold

by Merlin Anderson

April 20, 2013 was a great day for an ABC run.  It was amazing to see 70 participants filling the room at The Baby Fold.  In my pre-run remarks I talked about the amazing generosity of runners and that, if we should get an above average contribution total of $712 for The Baby Fold, then the total of all 84 ABC runs would reach $55,000.  Little did I know that there were lots of contributions in the bucket and there were sizable contributions in the bucket and by the time we got done counting, we had total donations of $2,134 for The Baby Fold, bringing the grand total for all 84 runs to $56,422.  This makes ABC #84 the 3rd highest in donations, exceeded only by ABC #39 (for Austin Carter) and ABC #75 (for St. Jude).


The run options included a 3-mile route up the trail to near I55 and back, a 6-mile route to the gABC2rain bins & back, or a 9-mile route that continued on past the grain bins.  My strategy for marking the course was simply to use my GPS and plant a flag at 1.5 miles, 3-miles, and 4.5 miles.  To ease the pressure to be in the lead pack, I gave the flags to Scott Husseman to plant.  A special opportunity was afforded along the run as we got to try out the new hydration system that Dan Anderson will be incorporating into the We Care half marathon & 10K this fall.  In my humble opinion, the system worked well.  If lots of runners use the system, it will really cut down on the number of paper cups used at races.

The post-run pot luck feast was awesome both in terms of the delicious food and that we had plenty for the unexpectedly large turnout.  We had coffee cake from Meg Anderson, pots of oatmeal from Jenny Keen, cookies from Kevin Fahling, French toast casserole from Tamara Nelsen, and so much more.  Sorry I didn’t find out who all of the chefs were.  Thanks to Jennifer Keen for a great job of hosting us at The Baby Fold and thanks to all of you for making it great fun and a huge success!

ABC3The next ABC Run (#85) will be Saturday, May 18 at and for the Timber Pointe Easter Seals Camp.  This event will be run in conjunction with the Multi-Sport day.  If you are interested, you can add a swim and/or a bike ride and then enjoy the cookout.  See the Lake Run Club page of Facebook for details and to let us know if you will be participating.

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Profile on Denny McDowell

Feature article on Denny McDowell
Interviewed by Karen Dudek

Karen: How many years have you been running?
Denny: For a long time. I can remember running in the Lake Run when there was “only” the outer loop. Good thing they don’t keep stats from then.

Karen: Why did you start running?
Denny: It was a way to stay in shape when I was playing competitive racquetball.

Karen: Why did you join the Lake Run Club?
Denny: I attended the banquet once as a guest and was “encouraged” to join.

Karen: Tell me about your first race.
Denny: I think my first race was the Lake Run. I remember getting about halfway around and thinking that this didn’t seem so bad when I was riding my bike.

Karen: What makes your favorite race your favorite?
Denny: The Big Sur Half Marathon I ran last year is one of my favorites. It was very scenic and well organized. I would recommend this to others as a bucket list run.

Karen: What race really sticks in your mind for one reason or another?
Denny: The one that really “sticks” out was the first time I ran the Pere Marquette Endurance Trail Run. It rained the night before and the morning of the race. I almost lost a shoe a couple times in the mud during the run. And I remember the race director telling us when we checked in that the trail on Thursday was in the best shape he’s ever seen it.

Karen: Do you have a favorite route that you run?
Denny: Anywhere along the trail or up at the lake.

Karen: If you could run any race in the world, which would you pick, and why?
Denny: There has been some discussion on getting a group together for an international run and Ireland keeps coming up.

Karen: If Chilly Chili isn’t the most unusual race you’ve ever run, what race is?
Denny: I guess that would be the Living History Farms Cross Country Race. It was my first time running with 7,000 runners in costumes. And yes, Rich was one of them.

Karen: What race do you think is the most fun to volunteer at, and why?
Denny: I’ve helped out with Catch the Wave and Ride the Wave for a couple of years and it’s good to see runners improve upon their goals.

Karen: What are you training for right now?
Denny: I’m running later this month at the Illinois Half Marathon in Champaign and next month in Chicago at the Soldier Field 10-Mile.

Karen: Do you have any superstitions or rituals you go through before a big race?
Denny: Just be there in time to get in the Porta Potty line.

Karen: What’s the coolest piece of running gear you own?
Denny: All of my Dri-Fit race shirts. I think it’s time to start having some quilts made.

Karen: Who have you been running with lately?
Denny: I don’t have any friends so I run a lot by myself. 🙂 Sometimes with Lisa Sparks or Missy Adams (when healthy). I also like to get out for some of the group runs.

Karen: Who motivates you as a runner?
Denny: Myself

Karen: What makes you stay with it and keep running?
Denny: We have a fun group of runners here to hang out with and it’s always a good time at races where we are all well represented.

Denny holding up the "Bean" after the 2012 Soldier Field 10-Mile run.

Denny holding up the “Bean” after the 2012 Soldier Field 10-Mile run.

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Profile on Leann Steidinger

Feature article on Leann Steidinger
Interviewed by Karen Dudek

Karen: How long have you been running?
Leann: I started around 2000, but I didn’t really get into it until 2003.

Karen: Why did you start running?
Leann: My sister had started running on the country roads by my parents’ house. I wanted to give it a shot. I remember her telling me that once I broke that 1 mile barrier it wouldn’t be so bad, because I was really struggling. She was right! Little did I know that I would run marathons and would be doing triathlons a few years later.

Karen: Who inspired you?
Leann: Members of the Lake Run Club. Having people cheer for and champion me was what kept me coming back.

Karen: Why did you join the Lake Run Club?
Leann: Initially because I could get race discounts. Then I found out that the people are really nice, too!

Karen: Tell me about your first race.
Leann: It was the Paws for a Cause in 2002 that I ran with a friend. It took me 30 minutes and she beat me at the end.

Karen: Do you have a favorite route that you run?
Leann: I love trail running, so any time I’m on trails in nature I’m in my element.

Karen: If you could run any race in the world, which would you pick, and why?
Leann: I would love to do the Hood to Coast relay race. It would be great to see the scenery, and I love the camaraderie and fun that comes with relay races.

Karen: What race are you training for right now?
Leann: The Champaign half marathon

Karen: Do you have any superstitions or rituals you go through before a big race?
Leann: I like to do yoga the morning of a race-it helps be focus.

Karen: What is the coolest piece of running gear you own?
Leann: My running shoes are pretty amazing!

Karen: What makes you stay with it and keep running?
Leann: Even with setbacks and injuries, I always come back to running. I love how it makes me feel. It gets my heart pumping and clears my mind. I always feel better after I run, whether it’s by myself or with someone else. I can disconnect from the world, or I can connect with a friend.

Leann doing some pre-race yoga.

Leann doing some pre-race yoga.

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Secretary’s Notes – February, 2013

Lake Run Club Board Meeting
February 5, 2013

Attendees:  Kevin McCarthy, Mitch Hobbs, Julie Sibley, Brian Sibley, Rebecca Payne, Tim Rood, Bob Lambert, Tod Williamson, Raymond Sevier, Heather Beal and John Pratt.

A warm welcome was given to new board members Heather Beal (Communications) and Brian Sibley (Billing and Advertising).

Secretary (John Pratt): The December 4, 2012 minutes were approved.

Treasurer (Bob Lambert): The financial report was emailed to board members.

Membership (Julie Sibley): We have 829 total members, 389 male and 440 female.  The total number of households is 481.

Website:  Eric Knowlton with Mavidea Technology Group, LLC gave a presentation to the board.  Mavidea is willing to enter a two year agreement with the club for set monthly fee with a 15% discount.  After discussion, the board approved the agreement with Mavidea for its MavideaSite pro plan.  There was one vote against hiring Mavidea and John Pratt abstained from voting.  Kevin McCarthy, Raymond Sevier & Bob Catanese are on the website committee.  Bob & Vicki King will be asked to join the committee.

Communications:  Heather Beal has agreed to assist the club in communicating with its membership and the general public.  She outlined some of her ideas.

Public Relations:  Julie Sibley is chairing this committee and provided an update.  The committee has met several times and is focusing on the benefits to club membership.

Kids Run for Fun:  Nancy and Sean Beatty have stepped down as chairs for 2013.  Tim Rood will lead the search for a replacement.

Other Business:
– Approximately 15 people attended the annual predictor event for goal setting.
– Bob Catanese is working on a finish line handbook.
– The plans for the annual banquet are well on their way.
– A 25th Anniversary Committee is being formed with the hope of having some type of event and identifying and recognizing founding members.

The next board meeting will be at 7pm on April 2, 2013 at Baxters.  All meetings are open to the public.

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ABC Run #83, for Child Protection Network

by Robyn Walter & Merlin Anderson

The 83rd ABC Run, raising funds for the Child Protection Network, was held on Saturday, 3/9/13 at Robyn Walter’s house. The predicted warmer weather was nowhere to be found, leaving runners with cold, windy weather that brought some rain.  Did that keep people away? NO! Bloomington-Normal runners are known for their fortitude, persistence, and willingness to run in all weather (especially for food, mimosas, and a good cause)! Thus 78 people attended the event, most of whom ran.  A few people stayed back to cook, serve, and babysit the youngest participants who did their running inside the house.  An impressive total of $1,045 was donated to the Child Protection Network!  Thanks so much to everyone!

We had a great mix of runners, ranging from Deb Aukerman completing her 59th ABC run, Mary Ellen Schupbach (57), Kevin Fahling (53), and Lisa Sparks (47) to ten people completing their first ABC run.  A big welcome to Kim Eichensehr, Maura Morn, Rick Smith, Carol Stawick, Meryl Brown, Ginger Shepard, Bob Tomlinson, Heather Beal, Haley Simpson, and Caden Simpson.

ABC #83a

 The buffet included:
*yogurt parfaits *strawberries *blueberries *pumpkin quinoa muffins *chocolate chip muffins *blueberry muffins *scones *chocolate chip cookies *cinnamon roll bread* two dozen assorted bagels with cream cheese *Meg’s famous coffee cake *Meg’s egg, ham, potato casserole *bananas *dark chocolate covered cherries *chocolate chip banana bread *French toast casserole *orange juice *coffee *chocolate milk *MIMOSAS

Additional highlights included:
*Dan Anderson’s display and demonstration of the cup-less hydration system. It looks very cool and easy for runners to use.
*Stephen Pyle, our local Adidas rep, brought bagels and shoes!

What an event! It was the highest participation of any ABC run hosted at a home!  It was the 3rd highest participation of all 83 ABC runs, exceeded only by the two ABC runs held at Tipton Park to benefit Haley and Austin Carter.  I hope you all had as much fun as I did! See you at our next ABC Run at/for the Baby Fold on April 20.


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2012 LRC In Review

Well in case you missed the LRC Annual Banquet in February, here is a little rehash of the night’s events & from the 2012 race season.  Congrats to all award winners!

Runner Awards

  • Female Runner of the Year: Stacie Rood
  • Male Runner of the Year: Gary Savage
  • Best New Female Runner: Lizzy Taggart
  • Best New Male Runner: Scott Hussemann
  • Most Improved Female Runner: Heather Heinrich
  • Most Improved Male Runner: Bryan Van Hook
  • Race Performance of the Year: Stacie Rood (Indianapolis Monumental Marathon)
  • Comeback of theYear: Michael Fazio
  • Volunteer of the Year: Merlin Anderson & Bill Hahm

Circuit Award Winners – Raced and/or volunteered at 7 circuit races & volunteered 50 points+

  • Aimee Dziekan
  • Anand A
  • Charlie Grotevant
  • James Auten
  • Jeff Walden
  • Jill Usiak
  • Meg Anderson
  • Merlin Anderson
  • Nigel Keen
  • Patricia Iannone
  • Raymond Sevier
  • Sarah Kelch
  • Trina McCarty

High 5 Award winners – Raced or Volunteered at all 5 LRC Sponsored Races (St. Pat’s, Lake Run, Park 2 Park, Dog Days & Evergreen Lake)

  • Amber Geiser
  • Georger Brown Jr
  • Jeff Walden
  • Josh Thomas
  • Patricia Iannone
  • Raymond Sevier
  • Roger Aukerman
  • Scott Hussemann
  • Stacy Brandt

Kirby Award Winners – most of these are self explanatory

  • My wife beats me & I’m happy about it
    • Merlin Anderson
    • Les Usiak
  • I ran the most Circuit Races with the least amount of clothing
    • George Brown
  • The Stacy Award: “Don’t wait for me, I’m running late”
    • Anand A
  • “I could be a race director” award
    • Ashley Lackovitch
    • “Energizer Bunny” Award
    • Dan Anderson
  • Best canine running motivator
    • Coty (owner – Christal Kneer)
  • No one sees me run anymore, but I love a good party
    • Nancy Beaty
  • Brightest headlamp award
    • Raymond Sevier
  • Greedy for Lunkers award
  • Kirby Cheek
  • Thursday night running group devotee/idiot award
    • Kathy Alexander
    • Raymond Sevier

Also a huge Thank You to all of our wonderful Volunteers this past year. Due to your dedicated support, the Lake Run Club was able to make $11,000 in charitable contributions while promoting health & running in our wonderful community.

Banquet Cupcakes - YUM! Picture by Tracy Haas Riley

Banquet Cupcakes – YUM! Picture by Tracy Haas Riley

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Profile on Sarah Kelch

Feature article on Sarah Kelch
Interviewed by Karen Dudek

Karen: How many years have you been running?
Sarah: I have been running for about 10 years, but I’ve only become a serious runner in the past 4 years.

Karen: Why did you start running? / Who inspired you?
Sarah: My mom, Carolyn Sutter.  For those Lake Runners who don’t already know, she’s a 50 States marathon finisher, ultramarathoner, multiple-Ironman finisher, mountaineer, and all-around crazy woman.  I have more than enough inspiration to go around, and a lot to live up to!!

Karen: Tell me about your first race.
Sarah: I started running in the Catch the Wave Program, so my first race was the Lake Run.   Meg Anderson was my group leader.  I think it was 2003.  I now have 9 years of Lake Run t-shirts!

Karen: What makes your favorite race your favorite?
Sarah:  Da Deer Run is my favorite because it is one of the few times per year I do a trail run, and the only time I attempt hurdles. It is scenic, the t-shirt is long-sleeve, and it’s a circuit race. The potato soup makes huddling together in the cold totally worth it for the post-race.

Karen: Do you have a favorite route that you run?
Sarah: In the summer I run from Bloomington to my “swimming hole” on the Mackinaw river.  The hills and lack of “amenities” are a small price to pay for the scenery.

Karen: Do you have a “you’ll never believe what happened on my run today” story?
Sarah: At Chilly Chili this year, 3 six-point bucks crossed the road about 8 feet in front of me.  There was only one other runner closer to them than I was.  I was pretty startled!

Karen: Which race do you think is the most fun to volunteer at and why?
Sarah: I have volunteered at Danvers Days several years.  There is a pancake breakfast which is usually open to volunteers.  Plus, there is always a group running or riding their bikes to the race.  It makes for a morning full of camaraderie.

Karen: What are you training for right now?
Sarah: My next race is the Go! St. Louis in April.

Karen: What’s the coolest piece of running gear you own? (T-shirt, sox, etc.)
Sarah: For Christmas a few years back, I got a dry-weave hat.  It wicks moisture, it has a ponytail hole, and it is printed with the quote, “The Journey is the Reward.”   That is so true.

Karen: Who have you been running with lately?
Sarah: I’ll run with anybody willing to help me log the long miles!  Lately, I need to thank Raymond Sevier, Lizzy Taggart, Julie Sibley, Dan Anderson, and the other crazy marathon trainees for the company.

Karen: What makes you stay with it and keep running?
Sarah: Fun, Friends, and Food!

Sarah finishing the Inland Trail Marathon 2012 in Elyria, Ohio.

Sarah finishing the Inland Trail Marathon 2012 in Elyria, Ohio.

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