Beating Bob’s Bicycle Beer Bet 2014

This is the tenth year that Bob Brandt has created a unique challenge for me involving the tandem bike.  Over those ten years, I won a beer from Bob nine times.  In a nutshell, here are the ten bets:

2005 — get 20 riders (I got 30)
2006 — ride 2000 tandem bike miles (I rode 2001 miles)
2007 — average 16 mph on the tandem (Bob won, but I got 54 riders – a PR)
2008 — get 20 riders to ride at least twice in 2008 (got 24)
2009 – get 15 guys to ride (got 17)
2010 – get 15 couples to ride (# 15 Stacie Rood rode Dec. 31,  just before a storm hit)
2011 – get 25 NEW riders (got 32)
2012 – get 3 different riders each month (done!  — thanks a mild winter)
2013 – get a rider from 19 of the 24 towns in McLean County (done)
2014 – get 10 riders (all non-family) to ride at least 100 miles with me (done!)

This year’s bet was actually my idea.  A numbers freak, I thought it would be appropriate that, for the 10th year of our bet, I should get 10 riders to each do 100 miles (10 times 10).  Bob said I should get 12 riders but agreed to the bet when I revised it to exclude family members.  Bob thought the challenge was easy but I was nervous about getting ten riders to find that much time to ride with (and tolerate) me.

The ten riders that should be nominated for sainthood for their perseverance, listed in order of their completion of their 100 miles are:

  1. Emily Gomalchak: endured six cold & windy rides from March 1 to April 11.
  2. Rebecca Payne: hit 100 on May 18 but kept going and completed 200 miles.
  3. Deb Aukerman: accumulated 100 miles in six rides from March 18 to May 22.
  4. Missi Adams: got 104 miles in seven rides from March 26 to May 25.
  5. Becky Roesner: 100 miles in six rides from March 31 to May 26.
  6. Bill Hahm: 102 miles in four rides, starting May 20 and finishing July 29.
  7. Laurel Schumacher: used six rides, July 3 to July 28, to plan for ABC run #100.
  8. Stacy Sheridan: rode 100 miles in five rides from July 1 to August 4.
  9. Tammy Knippenberg: 101 miles in six rides, June 26 to August 6.
  10. Carolyn Sutter: only two rides (I kidnapped her for 65 miles on August 28).



I was fortunate to have nine more riders, including Meg Anderson (634 miles), Raegan Rinchiuso (45), John Kastigar (40), Nancy Falk (40), Curtis White (30), Colin Blakeney (26), Bob Brandt (15), Michelle White (5), and Jasmine Safford (4).  Bob Brandt and Becky Roesner share the distinction of having tandem biked with me for 15 consecutive years – more than anyone other than Meg.

Thanks everyone for all the great rides.  I’m not sure what the 2015 bet will be but it will be big.  Bob has been conspiring with Kirby Cheek to conjure up something incredibly creative and challenging.

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