Bob’s Bike Bet 2015: The “Decathlon”

For this, the 11th year of bets, Bob Brandt collaborated with Kirby Cheek in a desperate attempt to win a beer (Bob has only won one time). They created a nearly impossible challenge but, thanks to everyone who rode with me, Bob went down in flames again. It was a tandem “decathlon” where I had to accomplish ten feats out of a list of 17 (one of those was to ride with Kirby who said he would only ride “when hell freezes over”). I was hoping the Cubs would win the World Series so that I would have evidence that hell froze over and Kirby would have to ride with me.

One stipulation of the challenge was that a rider could only be used for two of the ten challenges. I used a spreadsheet to make sure all requirements were met. Here are the ten challenges we accomplished:
1. Get ten riders (I got 62 – a record).
2. Ride 1,500 miles on the tandem bike (rode 2,095 miles; 839 miles with Meg Anderson).
3. Get ten riders to ride twice (got 15).
4. Get ten guys to ride (got 25).
5. Get ten couples to ride (got 13).
6. Get ten new riders (got 24).
7. Ride from the NE corner of McLean County to the SE corner (thanks, Becky Roesner).
8. Ride 10 miles in nothing but the hardest gear (rode 11 miles thanks to Krin Schubach).
9. Get 5 non-family riders to ride at least 100 miles with me in 2015 (got six, thanks to Tom Crain, Carolyn Sutter,
Rebecca Payne, Becky Roesner, Emily Gomolchak, and Stacy Sheridan).
10.Ride as Santa in front with an elf in the back (thanks, Rich Beal for riding and costumes).


IMG_8133 IMG_8128 IMG_8104 IMG_7931 IMG_7737

To accomplish all this took 144 rides (59 rides with Meg and 85 rides with the other 61 riders). An 11th accomplishment was to accumulate 100 miles with Tom Crain in only three rides. We did that and then Carolyn Sutter one-upped Tom by doing her 100 miles in only two rides.

To keep this article at a reasonable length, here are all 62 riders listed in alphabetical order of first name: Abby Bokus, Andrew Hedges, Azsure Hedges, Becky Roesner, Bill Hahm, Bob Brandt, Brett Leifheit, Brigette Van Hook, Cara Sweet, Carolyn Sutter, Carrie Hymer, Christal Kneer, Cojo Aforiwa, Colin Blakeney, Dara Williamson, Dawn Dieckgrafe, Debbie Walmsley, Diana Brandt, Doug Oehler, Emily Gomolchak, Erin Furimsky, Frances Connolly, Gene Harding, Jasmine Safford, Jim Pelarske, Kathy Alexander, Keith Bowers, Kelly Bowers, Kevin Fahling, Kevin McCarthy, Krin Schupbach, Larry Schumacher, Laurel Schumacher, Lisa Sparks, Lori Hahm, Marge Ehlers, Marilyn Mapes, Marshall Watson, Meg Anderson, Meryl Brown, Michelle Masten, Michelle White, Mike Haas, Missi Adams, Nancy Thiel, Pat Sheridan, Perry Rock, Ray Maiden, Rebecca Payne, Rich Beal, Scott Weiher, Sharrie Pelarske, Stacy Sheridan, Sue Anderson, Tammy Knippenberg, Tanya Anderson, Tanya Gianotti, Tara Payne, Tod Williamson, Todd Schneider, Tom Crain, Tom Lauritson

Thanks for all the great rides! I think the 2016 bet will be to get riders that are citizens of different countries. Last year, I had only two countries: United States (of course) and Canada. Bob is still thinking about how many countries would make a good bet.

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