Lake Run

May 6, 2017 @ 8:30 am
Green Gables, Lake Bloomington
17485 East 2500 North Road
Hudson, IL 61748
$25 now, $28 on 4/16, $30 on race day (+$15 for Half Marathon) - $2 LRC Discount, $1 Discount - Striders, Starved Rock, SRRC, Decatur, Second Wind
Julie Whittenburg

Start times:

  • 8:30 am – 12K and Half Marathon 
  • 9:00 am – 7K and Walk 

Four distances:

More details:

  • Course is flat to gently rolling around Lake Bloomington
  • Footpounder classes, Male and Female
  • Chip Timing by
    • Your results stream live online in real time
  • Finishers medals for 1/2 marathon participants

Partial proceeds from this event will benefit local charities.


  • The Pump: Bench Press and curls
  • The Run: 7k Race
  • The Score: each rep successfully completed will subtract 10 seconds off run time.
    Lowest total “pump and run time” wins!
    Awards for top 3 males and top 3 females

Rules – Bench Press

  • Bench press: Males use 100% of their body weight day of race. Females use 60% of body weight day of race.
  • Max reps completed without re-racking the bar or needing spotters help
  • Feet must stay on the ground and butt must stay on the bench
  • Must fully lockout each rep
  • Judge will call lockout on each rep before you start next
  • Barbell must touch chest each rep
  • Must weigh in before race
  • All judges decisions are final
  • Events subject to change without notice

Rules – Curls

  • Barbell curls: Males use 50% of their body weight day of race. Females use 30% of their body weight day of race.
  • Max reps in 1 minute
  • Athlete cannot set barbell down. If barbell is set down the attempt is over.
  • The bar shall be held horizontally across the thighs with the hands (palms outward) and fingers gripping the bar and the feet flat on the platform with the knees straight and arms fully extended.
  • The staggering of the legs (one foot in front of the other) is not allowed. The knees must be straight and feet flat on the platform.
  • The lifter must bring the bar up to the fully curled position (bar near chin or throat with palms facing backward). The knees must remain straight and the shoulders square or back throughout the entire lift.
  • The legs and hips may not be used in any way for momentum to complete the lift. Any thrusting of the legs or hips for momentum is strictly forbidden.
  • Must weigh in before race
  • All judges decisions are final
  • Events subject to change without notice

Packet Pick-Up

  • 5/1, 5pm – 8pm, Multi-Sport Expo at Marriott Hotel Uptown Normal
  • 5/5, 4pm – 8pm, Often Running 206 S. Linden, Normal
  • 5/6, 7am – 8:15am, Race Day Packet Pick-Up across from Green Gables

If you’re a Catch the Wave or Ride the Wave participants, we will also have packet pickup available at your meetings that week.

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