ABC Run #134, January 13, 2018

The cold (8 degrees) and wind (double digit) did not deter us from starting the 14th year of ABC runs in style. A total of $825 was donated to Sugar Grove Nature Center by 33 participants, plus one check from someone who could not attend.

At 9:00 we gathered together for a group photo and to hear from Rachel Kramp, the Volunteer Coordinator at Sugar Grove Nature Center, as she thanked us for our efforts. Our donations go towards children’s educational programs. Angela Funk, who was unable to attend this year, had earlier communicated that their wish list includes a weather station (fancy type with readouts), items for a new display in the nature center, some children’s literature, and materials for a new mud kitchen in Imagination Grove.

Most of the runners ran the 5-mile trail route that is protected from the wind. The footing was good because all of the snow had melted during the couple of warm days. My apologies to those that were hoping to cross-country ski or to snow shoe.

One adventurer, Rich Beal, should be awarded a “Freeze Yer Gizzard” prize for braving the 7-mile road course, leaving the cozy comfort of the woods and out into the wind. Rich happens to be a veteran of the “Freeze Yer Gizzard” race in northern Minnesota.

After the run, we were treated to another great feast! Thanks to Meg Anderson for making it a hot meal by providing breakfast casserole and coffee cake. Thanks also to Kevin Fahling for chocolate chip cookies, Jen Ho for cuties, Kathy Alexander for cherries, Stacie Sheridan for bananas, pastries and chocolate milk, Lisa Sparks for cranberry bread, Rachel Kramp for coffee and snacks and so much more (sorry I didn’t notice who all brought what, but rest assured… I ate it all.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended, contributed, brought food, and made it fun!

The next ABC run (#135) will be Sunday, February 4 at/for Scott Early Learning Center.

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