ABC Run #135, 2-4-2018

After two years of great weather, we experienced slippery, cold, and windy conditions. In spite of the weather, 30 hardy souls gathered at Children’s Home + Aid to run and generously support the children in our community with donations that totaled $740. Children’s Home + Aid will benefit even more when State Farm employees/retirees apply under State Farm’s matching grant program. If you contributed $25 or more, please be sure to apply. This might make a couple hundred dollars difference! If you do not work for State Farm, check to see if your employer has a matching gift program.

After explaining the running course, I turned the speaking duties over to our gracious host, Lisa Sparks, who thanked us, explained the Super Bowl quiz rules, and introduced Laura Cordero, Development Assistant at Children’s Home + Aid. Laura thanked us and let us know how important our contributions are. Our contributions went directly to the Scott Early Learning Center which provides affordable child care where traditional daycare may not be within reach.

We gathered back at the Learning Center for the post-run feast. There were many contributions but I didn’t notice who brought what except for the coffee cake and breakfast casserole from Meg Anderson, French toast casserole from Robyn Walter, chocolate chip banana cake from Stacy Sheridan, chocolate chip cookies from Kevin Fahling, cuties and cookies from Lisa Sparks, cantaloupe from Erin Furimsky, and Girl Scout cookies from Rocio Rivadeneyra. Thanks so much to everyone!

The final business for the day was the awarding of the “Super Bowl Trivia” prize to Steve Mills.
This is the tenth year we have conducted an ABC run for the Scott Early Learning Center. This year’s $740 brings the ten-year total to $7,177. The total for all 135 ABC runs is $123,768. Thanks so much to everyone who has provided financial support, food, and encouragement.

ABC Run #136, for Project Oz, will be held Saturday, March 10 at the home of Robyn Walter and Gregg Chadwick.

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