ABC Run #136, 3-10-18

ABC Run #136 was Saturday, 3/10/17 at Robyn Walter’s home. Great event with $735 donated to Project OZ by 50 runners that attended plus two that donated in advance because they were unable to attend. Thanks so much for supporting Project OZ! If you are a State Farmer and you donated $25 or more, please submit your donation to State Farm’s matching program.

This our first ABC run for Project OZ, the 29th charity we have supported. We were fortunate to have Mike Doherty, a Project OZ board member, there to tell us a little about their mission. Not being a good note-taker, here are some things I learned from their website:
Project OZ has been serving this area for more than 40 years with a mission to make a positive difference for young people. Their main programs are:
1. Housing & Homeless Resources.
2. Youth Empowered Schools. Project Oz has counselors in District 87 and Unit 5 to help students with problems they are having with school, family, friends, and more.
3. Crisis and Intervention. Meeting the immediate needs of youth ages 10-22 in McLean and Livingston Counties with emergency shelter, crisis intervention, and support services.
4. Drug Prevention & Education. Alcohol, tobacco and other drug use prevention through schools, community forums & activities.

It was a good day to run – sunny and above 32 degrees. Runners/walkers chose between a three mile route and a six mile route. Those that ran the six mile route got the opportunity for a refreshment stop (sports drink, water) at 3 miles. Some runners (Jill Usiak, Megan Ebert, Tod Williamson, Eric Fortune, Erin Furimsky, Mary Ellen Schupbach) turned this event into a longer run by clocking several miles before our official start. Mary Pinkham started with us but then kept on going to make it a 10 mile run.

Back at the house, Robyn Walter did a great job of hosting, including organizing the food buffet and mixing mimosas. Another fantastic post-run food fest! Thanks much to the following runners for the great food:

Robyn Walter – French toast casserole, oatmeal, mimosas, coffee
Meg Anderson – coffee cake, sausage/egg/hash brown casserole
Stacy Sheridan – oranges
Kristen Duffield – Veggie pizza
Sandra Sharp – breakfast casserole
Laurel Schumacher – banana bread
Scott Dixon – banana bread
??? – bananas, chocolate milk, and more!

Amazing! A great run and a great brunch with a great bunch of people, for a great cause! Thanks again for the food, donations, and friendship.

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