ABC#145, for SPICE

ABC Run #145 was Sunday, 3/10/19 at Robyn Walter’s home. Fun event with $400 donated to MarcFirst’s SPICE program by the 22 participants. Thanks so much for supporting SPICE! If you are a State Farm employee/retiree and you donated $25 or more, please submit your donation to State Farm’s matching program.

This is our first ABC run for MarcFirst’s SPICE program, the 30th charity we have supported. We were fortunate to have Christy Kosharek, the SPICE program director, there to tell us a little about their pediatric therapy services.

Before getting the group photo and heading out for a run, I awarded the “ABC Top Dog” traveling trophy to Larry Schumacher for his amazing support for ABC runs. Larry has attended 73 ABC runs and co-hosted nine ABC runs for Seedling Theatre.

It was cloudy and windy but still a good day to run (especially compared to the 40 below wind chill day). Runners/walkers chose between a three mile route and a six mile route. Those that ran the six mile route had a refreshment stop (Gatorade, water) near the Japanese Gardens. Kelsey Gebhardt, a new ABC runner and a Ride The Wave participant, ran both farther and faster than she ever has before. Kelsey is building up for a half-marathon.

Back at the house, Robyn Walter and Gregg Chadwick did a superb job of hosting, including organizing the food buffet and mixing mimosas. Another fantastic post-run food fest!

A great run and a great brunch with a great bunch of people, for a great cause! Thanks again for the food, donations, and friendship.

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