ABC#154, for MARCFirst Pediatric Therapy

ABC Run #154 was March 1 at Robyn Walter’s home. Fun event with $1,310 donated to MarcFirst Pediatric Therapy by 36 participants plus 15 others that could not attend but got a shirt. The shirt commemorates surpassing the $150,000 mark in total donations for all 153 ABC runs. Thanks much to everyone! If you are a State Farm employee/retiree and you donated $25 or more, please submit your donation to State Farm’s matching program.

Before getting the group photo and heading out for a run, Gregg Chadwick thanked us and told us a little about the exiting new developments at MARCFirst Pediatric Therapy.

It was a great day to run, especially compared to cold weather of the previous few days. Runners/walkers headed west on the constituent trail. There was a refreshment stop near the Japanese Gardens for those choosing to run at least 6 miles. Some went farther, including Mary Pinkham (8 miles) and Denise Jovanovich (10 miles).

Back at the house, Robyn Walter and Gregg Chadwick did a great job of hosting, including organizing the food buffet and mixing mimosas. Another fantastic post-run food fest!

Amazing! A great run and a great brunch with a great bunch of people, for a great cause! Thanks again for the food, donations, and friendship.

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