ABC#157, for Seedling Theatre

ABC Run #157 on August 29 was a great success with $1,000 donated to Seedling Theatre thanks to the generosity of everyone involved. Thanks much to:
(a) Laurel & Larry Schumacher for being super hosts at Rosa Parks Commons, providing lots of great fruit, and donating a harvest bowl for the prize drawing.
(b) Donna & Rick Anhalt for supplying water & great snacks and for providing a gift basket for the drawing containing tickets to the 2021 Christmas performance plus other cool items.
(c) Sharri Pelarske for donating a harvest basket for the drawing.
(d) Meg Anderson for donating homemade chokecherry jelly for the drawing.
(e) Audrey Sparks for taking all the great photos.
(f) 48 attendees (and two other contributors) that donated a total of $1,000.

Seedling Theatre is a wonderful theatrical program for children & young adults and adults with disabilities, as well as their able bodied peers. We have completed eleven ABC runs for Seedling Theatre, generating total donations of $12,625. ABC runs have been Seedling’s major source of funding which has helped them to purchase sound equipment, pay copyright fees, give small honorariums to staff, and much more. Thanks a million to everyone for all the support.

Donna Anhalt, the Seedling Theatre director, is always so deeply touched by the outpouring of support for Seedling. Because we are following social distancing guidelines, we were unable to gather as a group to hear her thoughts about our support for Seedling Theatre.

Due to participants arriving at different times, we prearranged random numbers to pick lucky winners as they checked in. For example, if the first random number was “3”, the 3rd person to be signed in was the lucky winner. To the best of my memory, here are the lucky winners:
1. Paul Haas won the seedling gift basket.

  1. Nick Anderson won a container of powdered Gatorade mix.
    3. Barb Feeney won a jar of chokecherry jelly.
    4. Deanne Husseman won a jar of chokecherry jelly.
    5. Ann Aubry won the harvest bowl.
    6. Erin Furimsky won the harvest basket.

A great time was had by all. Thanks again for such heartwarming support.

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