ABC#159, for Adopt-A-Family

So heartwarming! On November 14 it was 30 degrees with a 20 mph wind but 47 participants came to Rosa Parks Commons and another 13 people send a donation. A total of $3,120 was contributed to Adopt-A-Family! This will provide a great Christmas for our assigned family and at least two additional families. Those that submit their donations to their corporate matching gift program will help even more. Thanks so much to everyone for your support and thanks to Lisa Sparks for doing a great job hosting. The tradition continues…Meg is smiling!

Also smiling will be our assigned family and the other families that your donations will help. Our assigned family includes a mom who is working a full-time job and a part-time job to support herself, her baby and her family. Her father is recovering from cancer and her mom’s work hours have been cut due to COVID. She also has a brother who lives in the home due to a physical and mental disability that does not allow him to live independently. She does an amazing job of balancing her work and her responsibilities as a mother and caregiver. This family and other families will greatly benefit from the Adopt-A-Family program.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions we weren’t able to gather to hear about the Adopt-A-Family program, how much assistance it provides, and how carefully the program is administered. For more information on the Adopt-A-Family program, go to:


Although the venue was outside, we still had a great variety of goodies. Lisa Sparks kept the “Meg’s coffee cake” tradition alive by providing coffee cake cupcakes, Rebecca Africano brought blueberry muffins, Kevin Fahling brought chocolate chip cookies, and Laurel Schumacher brought a variety of fruit. Thanks a bunch!


We have completed sixteen years of ABC runs and had a record year. Total contributions for the eight ABC runs in 2020 is $17,777.  The total for all 159 ABC runs is $166,546. Looking forward to another great year starting January 9 at Sugar Grove.


Thanks a gazillion to everyone for your kindness and generosity!


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