ABC#161, for Scott ELC, 3-13-21

Another record! $1,251 is the highest total of all 13 ABC runs for Scott Early Learning Center. Thanks so much 38 attendees and three other donors for your generous support of the children in our community. Scott ELC will benefit even more when State Farm employees/retirees apply under their matching grant program. If you contributed $25 or more, please be sure to apply.

We met at Rosa Parks Commons in order to follow social distancing protocols. Laura Cordero from Scott ELC did a great job of hosting, allowing me go for a run. Everyone did a fine job of spacing out the times of arrival so we did not have any large group at any one time.

There was a nice assortment of fine snacks at Rosa Parks. Thanks so much to Rebecca Africano for making Meg’s coffee cake. And great thanks to Stacy Sheridan for the brownies, Felicia Harrison for cookies, Kevin Fahling for cookies, and Laura Cordero for the bananas, cuties, and water.

This is the 13th year of ABC runs for Scott Early Learning Center. This year’s $1,251 brings the thirteen-year total to $10,027.  The total for all 161 ABC runs is $170,347. Not bad for a group of friends just out having fun and giving thanks for their ability to do so. Thanks a million to everyone who all who have provided financial support, food, and encouragement.

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