ABC#162, The Baby Fold, 4-17-21

So awesome and heartwarming!  An amazing $4,685 was donated to support The Baby Fold this year, a Baby Fold ABC record, and the 2nd highest total among all 162 ABC runs! We had 36 on-site participants, several on-line donations, and several that got their donations to me before or after the run. Thank you all so much for your generosity and enthusiasm!

Aimee Beam, VP of Development and Public Relations, wrote this thank you note:
“Thank you to everyone who supported the ABC Run for The Baby Fold on Saturday. You were able to raise $4,685 for our children’s programs! For those who may be unfamiliar, the Baby Fold provides adoption support, foster care, early childhood education programs, special education and help for children with autism. We support 1200 local kids every year with help from good friends like you. The money buys things like playground equipment, computers for kids, critical play therapy tools, and more. We are very grateful for your support as we work to give our kids the lives they deserve! Thank you!”

Also, thanks to State Farm for their matching program. We do not count State Farm matches in the ABC event total but it likely adds about 25%, considering the number of employees/retirees among the participants. Perhaps the total benefit to The Baby Fold is over $6,000. Please remember to submit your donations.

This is the 17th year of doing an ABC runs for The Baby Fold and the grand total of all contributions is now $30,449. Thanks to everyone for your generosity and enthusiastic support over the years.

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