Free Runs

Tired of running by yourself? The Lake Run Club offers group runs throughout the year to give members and non-members an opportunity to socialize and run together. Runners of a variety of paces attend and all distances can be modified.

Summer Runs

Summer runs begin the week after spring daylight savings (3/10/19) and end the week before fall daylight savings (11/3/19).

Tuesday - 5:30 pm

  • Sugar Grove Nature Center in Funks Grove, just south of Bloomington - get directions
  • Trail running (5 miles) or road running (4 or 7 miles)
  • Don't miss the post run party in the corn crib! Snacks and water are provided, and runners are encouraged to bring other beverages.
  • Tuesday Night Runs in Funks Grove Flyer

Thursday - 5:30 pm

  • Lake Bloomington, meet at Green Gables
  • Street running, inner loop (4.37 miles), outer loop (7.44 miles) or any distance
  • Post run party with great food and drinks at Green Gables!

Saturdays (7:30 am) and Sundays (8:00 am)

Winter Runs

Winter runs begin the week after fall daylight savings (11/4/18) and end the week before spring daylight savings (3/10/19).

Thursdays - 5:30 pm

  • Often Running, 206 S. Linden in Normal
  • Street running, any distance
  • After your run, head to Lunker's for food and drinks.

Saturdays (7:30 am) and Sundays (8:00 am)


Community Runs

When you can't run with the LRC, check out other free group runs at Fleet Feet and Often Running!

The Thursday Night Accumulative Marathon

LRC’s Thursday Night Accumulative Marathon or TNAM, is probably the easiest, and possibly the best, marathon in the world. TNAM offers just about everyone, even beginning runners, a chance to run and finish a MARATHON.

TNAM starts early May, and continues through the end of June. TNAM allows you 8 weeks to complete the marathon – perhaps the longest time limit to finish of any marathon. Plus, it may be the most casual and the most fun ever. And the entry fee won’t break the bank.

The 4.37 mile course at Lake Bloomington, from the LRC’s premier event, the Lake Run, is an accurate 1/6th of a marathon. Over TNAM’s 8 weeks, this beautiful course transform from its blush of spring to a show of summer’s best.

To participate, join us at Lake Bloomington on Thursday nights at 5:30 PM and run the 4.37 mile course on 6 of the available 8 evenings. Plus, if you ran the Lake Run, your finishing time can count as one of the 6 runs required for TNAM.

The Cost for TNAM is just $13. Less than 50 cents a mile! To keep the price so affordable, participants cooperate to administer the event. How? By simply keeping and reporting their times for each of the runs. We’ll keep track of the times and the accumulated times for each runner. Run more than the required 6? We take your fastest 6.

Plus, participants provide their own on-the-course support. There are no water stops on the course, but there is a great bar and grill to refresh and recharge after each of the six runs. How many other marathons let runners grab a burger and a beverage every few miles?

Complete the six required runs and participants get a magnificent technical TNAM Finisher Shirt. Great for running in hot weather – or wearing to a Fourth of July party where they can wow their friends about just finishing a, perhaps their first, MARATHON!

Registration is easy. Just show up by 5:30 on any of the first three Thursday evenings in May. Registration is in the park directly across from Green Gables. Pay your entry fee and you’re in!

Questions?? Call Kirby at (309) 533-8689 (if no answer, leave a message  – we’ll get back to you!) or send an e-mail.