Volunteer Points

Volunteer Points Criteria - Established 2007

  1. These race activities are for our club sponsored circuit races only (St Patrick's Day, Lake Run, Park 2 Park, Dog Days, and Evergreen Lake): Race Registration Coordinator Registration crew, Packet pick-up/stuffing, Split Timer, Water Stop .
  2. Points for finish line, software, and course measurement will be awarded for any race where our club has been asked to provide services.
  3. Only the below listed activities will earn points. If you would like to suggest a volunteer activity for inclusion, it will be taken into consideration but the Volunteer Coordinator and the LRC board will make the final decision.
  4. Only race directors and event/program coordinators may submit volunteer names to the Volunteer Coordinator. These volunteer lists should be submitted no later than 30 days after the event (or the last day of the event -ex: CTW, Kids Run). This ensures that everyone eligible will be acknowledged for any special awards and gifts at the annual end of year awards banquet.
  5. Individual volunteers should work with their contact person (race director or event/program coordinator) to make sure they get included for points. Please allow at least 2 weeks after the lists are submitted (which may be up to 30 days after the event) for your points to show up on the website before contacting your race director or event coordinator.
  6. If two people share an activity (ex: two Kids Run Coordinators), each person will receive full points.
  7. You must be a LRC member at the time of the event to earn points for that event.

Volunteer Categories

Volunteer positions are broken into four categories with points assigned to each category. Points will not be adjusted for specific positions within each category (i.e. all members of the Board, regardless of position or effort/time given, will receive the same number of points).

Category 1

All Officer Positions
All Board Members

(300 points)

Category 2

All Race Directors
All Program Directors
(CTW, RTW, HW, Marathon, Kids Run,

Committee Members
Website Coordinators

(200 points)

Category 3

Race Director Assistants
Finish Line/Software Coordinators
(on a per race basis)

Program Group Mentors

(50 points)

Category 4

Finish Line/Software Assistants
Race Helpers (Photographer, Registration
Worker, Packet Pickup, Parking, Water Stop, etc.)

(20 points)

Signup Structure

Volunteer signup will be done through a third-party vendor (Signup Genius). This tool allows members to see the number of spots needed for each job during a race or event. Positions needed are updated in real-time when someone signs up for a position.

Points Tracking

The Volunteer Points Coordinators will track key positions (Categories 1 and 2) based on listed provided by President and Board Members. Categories 3 and 4 will be tracked based on reports pulled from Signup Genius. Volunteer information should be emailed to Meg Anderson.

  1. Points will not be available online in real-time.
  2. Points will be calculated on a quarterly basis.
  3. Points follow the calendar year (January 1 – December 31).

Recognition and Rewarding

  1. Volunteers will be recognized online (website and Facebook) and in the electronic newsletter.
  2. Volunteers will be rewarded at the year-end awards banquet.
  3. Volunteers will be given their final point total.
    • Volunteers will be given the option to choose a gift card from a local business or LRC swag.
    • Out of town race volunteers will receive a gas gift card (up to $15) in addition to receiving points.

 Volunteer Coordinator: Meg Anderson