Services & Equipment Rental

Finish Line and Results
The LRC provides (when available): 1 Finish Line Coordinator and 3-5 other volunteers for race. The finish line Coordinator will bring all equipment necessary to operate an efficient finish line and will provide race results. Race results may be tabulated by computer if race registrants are over 125 runners.
Fee is base $250.00 minimum with an additional $1.00 for every finisher over 100; tear-off race bibs are $0.25/bib

Rental of All Finish Line Equipment (without volunteers)
The LRC provides: all equipment necessary to put on a finish line and results. This includes: ropes, cones, red LED clock w/ tripod & charger, tag system/supplies & results board. No volunteers come with this option; the race director will be responsible for learning the system (about a 1 hour process). All equipment will need to be picked up & dropped off at the LRC storage location. The LRC does NOT rent out the time machines.
Fee is $100.00; tear off race bibs are $0.25/bib
** Waiver must be signed. **

Rental of Race Clock only
The LRC provides: Red LED race clock w/ tripod & charger
Fee is $25; fee must be paid at or before time of pick-up of equipment.
** Waiver must be signed. **

Miscellaneous Rentals
This includes the following pieces of equipment: recycling bins, sound system w/ tripod, water jugs, mile markers, extra ropes, etc…
Fee is FREE – $100 refundable deposit may be requested for races that are not within the LRC circuit.
** Waiver must be signed. **

• itsracetime has agreed that for any local running event, race directors can use their electronic registration and not be required to use his finish line service. This is a free service, but there is the regular service charge of $2 for online registration.
• The LRC does not provide race insurance and it is the responsibility of said Race Director or Organization to provide their own.
• A Lake Run Club representative must sign and check equipment for damages at time of pick up and drop off.
• The LRC Volunteer Race Coordinator will be the initial contact and must be contacted at least 30 days prior to event.