At every level of any sport, training is key. The Lake Run Club’s training programs are designed to help you tackle the challenges that stand in your way on the path to your goals. From increasing your stamina to reducing the chances of suffering an injury, the right training regimen will ensure the best possible experience come race day.

Appropriately named for our love of the water and respect for Lake Bloomington, our training programs are Catch the Wave, Ride the Wave, and Heat Wave, which includes tracks to prepare you for both half and full marathons.

Discover the perfect program that fit your needs below, and take the next step toward your goals by registering today.

Catch the Wave

Catch the Wave teaches the basics of efficient running and increasing your athletic abilities. Whether you're ready to get back into peak condition or new to the sport, Catch the Wave will guide you through a 10-week training program that prepares you for the Lake Run 7k.

Heat Wave

Women of all ages and abilities are invited to register for Heat Wave. Heat Wave is a 9-week, women-only training program that will prepare you for the Evergreen Lake 5K.

Ride the Wave

After you’ve caught the wave, it’s time to ride it. You’ll learn how to properly train your body to endure and enjoy longer runs, and at the end of the 11 weeks, you’ll be prepared for the Lake Run 7K, 12K or half marathon.

We look forward to having you as a part of one of our fun programs and hope to see you at an upcoming training session or race. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For upcoming races, view our race calendar.