Catch the Wave FAQ

I can already run approximately 4 miles. Should I sign up for Catch the Wave?
Catch the Wave is designed for beginning runners and those who have been away from the sport awhile. If you run consistently, you may want to consider participating in Ride the Wave.

I'd like to take part, but I've had health problems in the past. What should I do?
Ask your doctor if your involvement in this program is a good idea. If your physician gives you approval, please make Catch the Wave officials aware of your limitations.

I can barely run a block now! Will I ever be able to run 4.37 miles without stopping?
By following the training log, you will gradually increase the time and distance running. You will be running comfortably before you know it.

What if it rains on the night we're supposed to have class?
We will meet and run outdoors, unless there is lightning or hail. Check the Lake Run Club website or Facebook page for last-minute class updates.

What if my group is too slow or too fast for me?
Let your Team Leader know and we will move you into a group that is a better fit. Don't get discouraged; we will find a group where you are comfortable.

What should I wear to class?
Good shoes are critical, but not necessary for the first night. Please do not buy an expensive pair of shoes before the first night unless you get them somewhere that knows about running shoes (we recommend Often Running and Fleet Feet). Dress very warm (layers) the first few nights, because we will not be running enough to generate a lot of heat.

Am I too old, overweight, slow or out of shape to join?
Absolutely not! Catch the Wave participants are all ages, sizes and skill levels. Experienced runners will be there every step of the way to encourage, coach and answer your questions.

Can my child participate?
Catch the Wave is designed as an adult running program and that is our first priority. If you feel your child can keep up with the program, it is your responsibility to register them, run with them and monitor their progress. It is strongly recommended that children under 12 years old not participate. We do not provide day care for children.

What should I do to prepare for the first class?
The key to Catch the Wave is to toughen up your legs a bit before the first night. If you are already jogging a little, walking a lot or spend a lot of time on your feet, you will be fine. If you sit in a cubicle all day and on a couch all night, we advice you to get in a month or two of ‘low impact weight bearing exercise’ prior to the first night. For example: walking, elliptical machine, leg presses, stair climbing, dance, etc. In addition, if one of your objectives is to lose some weight, try to shed a few pounds before the first night; five pounds makes a huge difference when you are trying to get a bit airborne between strides.

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